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Ohio Liquor

Lots of New Liquor Updates!

Agency Liquor Hours

Update your Agency's liquor hours on to ensure accurate public information. Contract Signatories and Agency Admins can edit this by clicking the pencil icon next to Liquor Hours. Refer to the training document for detailed instructions.

"Do Not Cut" Justifications

Use the "Do Not Cut" (DNC) designation for special inventory needs. Provide clear reasons including Brand Code, Wholesale Account details, quantities, and event specifics. Enter justifications in the “Justification” popup on

Acceptable: Specific event details and quantity needs
Unacceptable: Vague reasons

DNC requests do not guarantee items won't be cut due to historical sales data and stock availability.

For details, see the TO Editing and DNC training document on

Memorial Day Order Schedule

Ohio Liquor and Bailment Distribution Centers will be closed on Monday, May 27, affecting order schedules. Check for delivery changes and place orders accordingly to ensure adequate inventory.

Memorial Day Sweep Schedule

The fiscal sweep schedule will be affected by Memorial Day. See the table on for details.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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