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Senate Votes to Override Governor’s Veto of Budget Provision Preempting Local Nicotine Regulations

January 2024

The Ohio Senate voted 24-8 to override the Governor’s veto of a budget provision last year that would preempt local governments from enacting tobacco provisions, such as flavored bans. Since the House already acted last month, this issue is now settled, and the law will go into effect 90 days from now. Cities like Columbus and countless others, who have flavored bans or other tobacco restrictive rules on the books, will no longer be legal, once the effective date occurs. We would not be in this position without the strong advocacy efforts of OGA, and the many other manufacturer, wholesaler and retail partners. OGA has always stressed that a patchwork of local ordinances creates disruptions and confusion for customers and matters of retail commerce need to be addressed at the state level.

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