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OGA Testimonials

Discover what members are saying about the Ohio Grocers Association (OGA) through heartfelt testimonials. Our community of grocery retailers and suppliers shares their experiences, highlighting the invaluable support, resources, and advocacy provided by OGA.

"Navigating the ever changing environment in the grocery industry presents various obstacles for independent retailers. Over the years OGA has provided Dave’s with important legislative information and support. Furthermore OGA’s lobbying efforts help guide meaningful laws and policy critical to independent grocers across the state of Ohio."

Aaron Saltzman 
Dave's Market

"OGA has always been the go to organization for its members for timely updates on industry information, pertinent industry subjects and training, education and programs. As important though, OGA provides legislative representation and allows for its members to have a unified voice when dealing with government legislation.  OGA is the grocery industries advocate for its members, allowing for its members to unify and push agendas favorable to the grocery industry."

Jeff Osborne 
New Business Development Manager 

Since becoming a member of OGA in 2019, I continually learn and understand the value of the resources 

Ohio Grocers Association provides. Many of these programs have provided my company savings with insurance,

workman's comp, electric rates and employee training. Also the workings of OGA in the legislative arena provided 

us with a very important voice with Ohio laws that affect our businesses. I greatly appreciate all the support 

Ohio Grocers Association has provided me in the past and will in the FUTURE!

Kevin Readshaw

Jamestown Market

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