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Pathway to Selling Alcohol Safely

PATHWAY to Selling Alcohol Safely Training and Compliance

An In-Store Employee Training and Compliance Program featuring updated information according to the Ohio Revised Code and Best Practices procedures.

The updated PATHWAYS to Selling Alcohol Safely Training program includes new features and information on best practices for off-premise as well as on-premise (in-store) sales and sampling.

Important Facts to Know…

  • Every store that sells alcoholic beverages is susceptible to a citation for violating the law.
  • Most mistakes that occur involving the sale of alcoholic beverages could have been avoided with proper training.
  • You and your employees can be held responsible for selling alcohol illegally. This can mean criminal charges, court time, large fines and even incarceration.
  • You can’t afford to have employees who are not well-trained in this area.
  • Teenage drinking and drunk driving are serious problems that affect all of our communities. Grocers can be a part of the solution to these problems by taking a strong interest in reducing incidents of alcohol sales to underage or intoxicated customers.

Each Kit Contains Two (2) CDs:

Media Training and Compliance Presentations

  • Video/Media Presentation Format, or
  • LMS (Online Learning System) Format

Resource Materials (review sheets, quizzes, handouts, and reference deliverables)

Each of the four-part Training Sections is designed for easy comprehension and review, with section reviews and off-line learning reinforcement.

  • Introduction to the PATHWAYS Program
  • Four (4) Video Presentations
    • Understanding the Effects of Alcohol
    • Current Laws and Regulations
    • The Underage Drinker
    • The Intoxicated Customer
  • Facilitator/Employee Training Materials:
    • Review Sheets for Each Training Section
    • Quiz Sheets for Each Training Section
    • Training Tips
    • Information on Identification (Types and Procedures)
    • Product Warning Information
    • A Training Log
    • Sample Incident Form

(Optional/Additional Purchase) Deliverables Package with Materials Prepped and Printed – All handouts and resources printed and provided in a labeled binder.

Pathway to Selling Alcohol Safely Order Form
Questions?  Contact Chris Schweitzer at 614.442.5511 ext. 7130 or design@ohiogrocers.org.