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Huge Legislator Turnout For Statehouse Day!

Statehouse Day 2022 was one of the most-attended events by our Legislators than we have ever had!

With so many other events happening in and around the Statehouse on May 17th, our Legislative Reception saw a steady stream of officials – representing nearly every county in Ohio – for the full two hours.

It truly was a remarkable time for members to meet with their lawmakers and representatives face-to-face to talk more about the industry and the issues which affect it.

Prior to the actual Reception were Legislator Meetings where members had designated, and scheduled meetings with various Representatives and Senators to talk about their concerns and share their viewpoints.

These meetings are among the most effective times during the year to advocate for your businesses and the people they serve. While OGA always represents your interests to our Legislature, the opportunity for officials to meet and hear directly from you, the operators and owners, is crucial to our industry efforts.

Make Your Voice Heard:

•  Ohio's Grocery Industry employs over 160,000 people in full and part-time jobs.

• Over $5.2 Billion in wages are paid by/through Ohio's Grocery Industry

• The Ohio Food Retail Industry has a supplier and induced impact of over $18.2 Billion annually

• Ohio Grocers paid $4.7 Billion combined in State and Federal Taxes

• Ohio Grocers efficiently and effectively operate on a razor-thin average net profit margin of 1%