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Workers Compensation Program


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Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter

Each year Ohio employers have the opportunity to participate in BWC’s Group-Experience-Rating Program or Group-Retrospective- Rating Program. While these programs are not required, they do provide you with an opportunity to significantly reduce your workers’ compensation premiums, while increasing your awareness of safety and risk-management strategies.

Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter 2022


Maximize your savings with the Ohio Grocers Association’s (OGA) workers’ compensation programs through CareWorks.

The Ohio Grocers Association (OGA) partners with Sedgwick because they help employers maximize their premium savings. Sedgwick analyzes each employer’s unique claim and premium history to find the highest level of savings in all available workers’ compensation programs.

Why Sedgwick
Partner in controlling costs
Sedgwick saves employers millions of dollars each year, becoming a lasting partner and providing a
comprehensive cost management approach. They are committed to understanding our members’ challenges and to delivering claims excellence and providing quality, sound decision making, and consistency. Sedgwick helps employers determine the best rating or discount program available, whether it’s group rating, BWC deductible, 100% EM Cap or any other BWC program available, helping you identify, evaluate and reduce your business risks to achieve premium discounts and refunds.

See Real Savings!

Group rating
– Nearly 80,000 Ohio employers are currently participating in group rating.
– Sedgwick is the only group rating program endorsed by the Ohio Grocers Association.
– On average, for every dollar spent on fees, clients saved $11.00 in premium, a 1000% return on

Group retrospective rating
– Rebates are based on the results of employers’ workplace safety and cost control efforts.
– Sedgwick group retrospective programs have returned $630 million in premium refunds.

– Sedgwick’s comprehensive unemployment compensation program delivers unique, customized
solutions to help employers reduce and control their unemployment taxes

Start Saving NOW!

For a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your potential savings, please complete our online “Temporary
Authorization to Review Information Form” at www.sedgwick.com/ac3/ohiogrocers


OGA Testimonial


“One of the reasons we joined OGA was because of the workers’ comp program.  We started on the traditional plan and later moved to group retro.  The premium savings are great and the service has been exceptional.

The staff at CareWorks Comp has always been there to answer anything I’ve ever asked.  All in all, it’s been a really good program for us.”

Wally Wagner, Wagner’s IGA, Minster, OH


Latest Workers’ Compensation Documents:

Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter July 2022


Thank You for Supporting Ohio’s Food Industry

When you choose the Ohio Grocers Association’s group rating program, you are supporting your industry. We value your membership and want you to make the right decision on group rating for the health of your business.

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Source:  Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services