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Food Stretcher Plus is an Electronic Promotion developed to Help Grocers and Brands Increase Sales from the Low-Income Shopper while Helping the Low-Income Shopper Stretch the Value of their Food Budget

"Reaching the low income and government subsidized shopper that traditional promotional methods fail to reach"

Description of the Food Stretcher Plus Shopper: (2 Shopper Types)

  • Type 1 relies heavily on SNAP, WIC & TANF.
  • Type 2 are employed shoppers, but low-income.
  • They have a defined food-only budget.
  • Many have food benefit dollars in their pockets.
  • Many shop at independent and non-traditonal grocery stores.
  • Over 80% have smartphones and have the ability to use the Food Stretcher app
  • Represent over $2 Billion in Ohio food sales

Benefits for OGA Retailer Members:

  • A consistent method for OGA retail members to fight against customer erosion from Big Box and Discount Retailers
  • Increased sales resulting from an increase in foot traffic
  • No upfront monetary charges to the retailer for participation
  • Impacts existing customers while attracting new customers
  • A New Revenue Stream from every Food Stretcher Plus Transaction
  • Grocers "Good Will" initiatives are enhanced by incorporating  a needed program

Benefits for CPG Brands:

  • Category exclusivity - no competitors are promoted when you participate in the Food Stretcher Plus program. FSP only promotes your category.
  • Pay for Redemption Only
  • WIC products are also promoted with category exclusivity.
  • No Stacking – POS Control File Settings, prevent stacking – No Manufacturer Double Spend.
  • Provides a method for capturing shopper behavior data.
  • Fraud-proof - No paper coupon to handle or execute.
  • CPG "Community Goodwill" initiatives are served while receiving incremental sales.
  • Reaches shoppers typically not reached by traditional marketing methods.
  • Taps a marketplace that represents $2 Billion in Food Sales
  • Much More!

"Let us show you how the Food Stretcher Plus works and how you can be a program partner"

For more information about the Food Stretcher Plus program, contact David Davis at 216-355-4236 or visit the website by clicking here.