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Food Stretcher Plus

“Reaching the low income and government subsidized shopper that traditional promotional methods fail to reach”

Description of the Food Stretcher Plus Shopper:

  • They rely heavily on SNAP, WIC & TANF.
  • They have a defined food-only budget.
  • Many have food benefit dollars in their pockets.
  • Many shop at non-traditonal grocery stores.

Benefits for OGA Retailer Members:

  • A continuous strategy for OGA members to fight customer erosion from “big box” and discount retailers.
  • Increased sales resulting from an increase in foot traffic, with no monetary charge to the retailer to participate.
  • Impacts existing customers while attracting new customers with this electronic coupon savings program.

Benefits for OGA CPG Members:

  • We want a shopper who has many options to buy their food from OGA member’s CPG brands rather than from competitor brands.
  • Category exclusivity – no competitors are promoted when you participate in the Food Stretcher Plus program. FSP only promotes your category.
  • WIC products are also promoted with category exclusivity.
  • Fraud-proof – No paper coupon to handle or execute.
  • CPG “Community Goodwill” initiatives are served while receiving incremental sales.
  • Free Standing Inserts (FSIs) do not reach this shopper. As a group, this demographic doesn’t purchase the Sunday paper.
  • Currently, there are no promotional vehicles that deliver specifically to this shopper like the FooD Stretcher Plus, utilizing community organization and our electronic mobile app to distribute brand offers.
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Compliant.

“Let us show you how the Food Stretcher Plus works and how you can be a program partner”

For more information about the Food Stretcher Plus program, contact David Davis at 216-355-4236 or visit the website by clicking here.