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Ohio Taxable Items

Food / Non-Taxable

Non-food / Taxable

Bottled Water (including carbonated, distilled, and mineral) Water (sweetened including artificially)
Tea (hot or cold, unsweetened) Tea (sweetened including artificially, instant)
Coffee (cold or hot, unsweetened) Coffee (sweetened instant coffee products)
Coffee (with milk or milk product) Soda Pop
Fruit Juice (50% or more) Fruit Juice (less than 50%)
Vegetable Juice (50% or more) Vegetable Juice (less than 50%)
Ice (crushed, cubes) Ice (large blocks used as a refrigerant)
Milk and milk products (including ice cream) Naturally or artificially sweetened drinks (i.e. Snapple)
Non-alcoholic beer Alcoholic beverages, drink mixes (excluding drink mixes with milk products)
Drink Mixes (if mix also contains milk, a milk product, or a milk substitute, or contains more than 50% of fruit/vegetable juice by volume) Drink Mixes (if mix is artificially/naturally sweetened)
Soy products Sports/Energy Drinks (i.e. Gatorade ®, Powerade ®)
Extracts (i.e. vanilla, peppermint, almond) Vitamins
Candy, gum, breath mints Breath strips, tooth-whitening gum
Items purchased with Food Stamps Pet food
Bakery Items (i.e. cake, cookies, pastry) Canning supplies (jars, cans, etc.)
Chips and similar snacks Paraffin wax
Baking Ingredients Charcoal, kindling wood
Hot Chocolate (including sweetened) Lighter fluid
Meat Jerky Cough drops
Nuts (all types, candy coated, honey roasted) Cod Liver Oil
Popcorn (instant, candy coated) Antacids
Pudding/Jell-O Over-the-counter-drugs
Condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc) Nicotine Gum
Baking ingredients Gelatin Capsules
Food Coloring Grenadine
Cereals and cereal products Root beer
Sugar and sugar substitutes Diet drugs and dietary supplements
Tonic Water (non-sweetened) Tonic Water (sweetened)
Popsicles (liquid or frozen) Mineral Oil
Sno-Cones Powdered Drinks (i.e. Tang®, Kool-Aid®)
Protein Drinks Lemonade
Cooking oils (vegetable, canola, olive, etc.)
Non-alcoholic Sparkling wine (50% of juice or more) Non-alcoholic sparkling wine (sweetened beverage with less than 50% juice)

Manufacturer coupons do not reduce the taxable amount of the sale. Therefore, sales tax is calculated before the reduction of the manufacturer coupon.

Food Stamps
Items purchased with food stamps are non-taxable.