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US Senate Approves NLRB Appointments

(August 29, 2013)  After many months of political maneuvering, the National Labor Relations Board is at full strength for the first time in a decade.  In an effort to avoid the “nuclear option” a few weeks ago, the Senate confirmed President Barack Obama’s latest appointments to the NLRB after a deal was struck to avoid changing the filibuster rules within the Senate. The new Members, Nancy Schiffer and Kent Hirozawa were handpicked after reported discussions between the Obama Administration and Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, took place. With the NLRB’s ability to hold a quorum and resume its full functionality, OGA is very concerned with the boards past ant-competitive and seemly anti-business friendly decisions and will keep you updated as these changes take effect. For more information OGA endorses Austin Legal for your labor employment needs and questions