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Pharmacy Legislation

Attention Retail Pharmacy Members: Ohio House Passes Bill Outlawing Over the Counter Sales of Dextromethorphan to Minors

(December 3, 2015) The General Assembly took the next step in efforts to prohibit over-the counter sales of dextromethorphan to individuals younger than 18 years old by passing legislation, HB 197, by a vote of 91-2 earlier this week. The cough suppressant, which is found in medicines like Robitussin, generates a high when it’s ingested by the bottle and has become a source of addiction for some Ohioans. HB 197 now heads to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

Attention to OGA Members with Pharmacies

(July 23, 2015) Pharmacists in Ohio can now dispense Naloxone without a prescription, per new legislation taking effect earlier this week. For further information on proper protocol, the State Board of Pharmacy has provided guidance and resources concerning the new legislation. Please see the attached correspondence (Pharmacists Can Now Dispense Naloxone without a Prescription) and information below courtesy of the Board of Pharmacy:

HB 4 (Sprague and Rezabek) was signed into law yesterday (Monday, July 20) by Governor Kasich.  This law, which takes effect immediately, allows for the following:

  • Permits a physician to authorize one or more individuals to personally furnish a supply of naloxone pursuant to a protocol.
  • Authorizes a pharmacist or pharmacy intern under the direct supervision of a pharmacist to dispense naloxone without a prescription in accordance with a physician-approved protocol.
  • Permits a local board of health, through a physician serving as the board’s health commissioner or medical director, to authorize the protocol for pharmacists and pharmacy interns working in that board of health’s jurisdiction.

To assist with the implementation of this law, the Board has developed a dedicated web page which features a number of helpful resources including guidance documents, patient education materials and a sample protocol.

The Board also adopted an emergency rule, effective today that specifies what should be included in a pharmacy’s dispensing protocol.  The full text of the rule is available on the Board’s naloxone resources page

Ohio House Passes Legislation Expanding Immunization Authority of Pharmacists

(April 3, 2014)  The Ohio House took the first step yesterday in enacting legislation, House Bill 394, that would expand the immunization authority for pharmacists by a vote of 82-7. OGA supports HB 394 because it creates the opportunity for more individuals to have access to flu shots and is a safe and healthy vehicle to increasing immunization rates. The bill now moves over to the Senate for consideration. Please see a copy of OGA’s letter of support for HB 394.