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Ohio Mulch

Ohio Mulch Update

(May 15, 2014)  Following up from last week’s special communication, late Friday afternoon, the Ohio Dept of Agriculture issued a “stop sale” order on certain bags and varieties of Ohio Mulch. As a result, Ohio Mulch went to court and got a temporary restraining order on this stop sale action.

Where we stand today is that the court order only refers to the original stop sale order on the 2.0 cu ft. bags packaged and processed before April 23, 2014. This means that as long as the store has appropriate signage that states the bags contain only 1.2 cu ft. and the price has been reduced to reflect this change in volume, there will be no issues selling the 2.0 cu ft. bags. That being said, the 3.0 cu ft. bags are not part of the temporary restraining order therefore the stop sale order remains in effect for those bags. Again OGA has been working with the Ohio Department of Agriculture on any updates moving forward. We strongly urge that you contact your Ohio Mulch account representative to get their guidance during this period.

Please contact OGA President Nate Filler with any further questions.