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Fruits and Vegetable Vouchers

(1) As of October 1, 2009, the Ohio WIC program made some major changes — including a new list of authorized supplemental foods — including the new FRUITS AND VEGETABLES VOUCHERS (FVV).  For all the details on the new authorized food list, the new authorized formula list, the new minimum stocking requirements, FVV cashier guides and sample site visit reports see the documents below.

We are also aware that many of our retailers’ front end operations may not be ready for the split-tender transactions the FVV will require — due to the needed upgrade required from your vendors.  We strongly suggest that you continue to work with your vendors to complete this upgrade as soon as possible; but, in the meantime, we are told that you can transact the sale like a check.

(2) WIC has told us that they are sent out the new WIC material the week of Sept. 21 so stores should have additional training tools in hand by now.  However in addition, you can find training aids on their website at www.odh.ohio.gov under WIC, under Vendor Authorization, under the New Foods tab.  In addition, you can always contact your local WIC specialist.

(3) Finally, as many of you may know, the WIC payment process experiences a delay this time of year (October – November) due to the State’s switchover to the new fiscal year.  Unfortunately, this year will be no exception.  In an effort to at least keep your accounting straight, we strongly urge you to consider the following: When submitting your vouchers for payment – do not mix any September (or older) vouchers with those from October. This will allow you to receive full batch payments for your September vouchers (as it will be paid from the ’09 budget) and NOT get held up in the ’10 delay – as the October (and later) vouchers will.

Our industry has some challenges ahead of us when it comes to administering the WIC program. As of October 9, 2009, the Ohio WIC program will have a new list of authorized supplemental foods, formulas and minimum stocking requirements.  Click the various downloads below to learn about the all the new changes including the FVV (Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers)