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Ohio EPA

US EPA Announces New Rules for Refrigerants

(October 30, 2014)  The U.S. Environmental Protection Action just announced two rule changes affecting users of refrigerants containing ozone depleting substances (ODS) hydrochloroflurorocarbons (HCFCs). Specifically, the production, import, export and use of many of the most common HCFCs will be phased out through 2020. These changes will significantly impact heavy users of refrigerants like retail grocers. Although many grocery stores have moved away from HCFCs in an effort to avoid the recordkeeping and reporting associated with leak detection and repair rules, smaller grocers tend to still use the most common HCFCs: 22, 142b, and 225ca/cb. Alternatives to the phased out HCFCs were suggested by the EPA. A complete list of acceptable substitutes for ODS can be found on the EPA’s Ozone Layer Protection website.

Ohio EPA Offers Small Business Assistance

The Ohio EPA Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP) was created to help businesses comply with environmental regulations.  It also helps businesses identify pollution prevention opportunities that can save money, increase efficiency and benefit the environment.  For example, businesses interested in waste reduction and sustainability best practices can receive free on-site technical assistance from the OCAPP office.  A company is not required to implement OCAPP’s recommendations; the assessment is just an additional tool to help you identify ways to improve your operations. More information is available on the EPA’s website. A quarterly newsletter with timely information is accessible through the homepage (see Compliance & Prevention Quarterly posted under Highlights).