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Attention Lottery Vendor Retailers: License Renewal Changes

(June 16, 2016) In the May issue of the Ticket Seller and May Chain Update, Ohio Lottery outlined the online License Renewal system that allows renewing licenses and updating information for independent retailers. For chain stores however, they will continue to receive paper renewals as in the past and continue to submit any updates concerning corporate accounts via paper through each Chain Account Representative. For additional questions please contact your Chain Account Representative.


Important Tips from the Ohio Lottery on Cashing Tickets for Customers

(July 11, 2013)  A friendly reminder from the Ohio Lottery Commission for employees that when cashing a lottery ticket for customers, only winning tickets up to $599 can be cashed. A scanned, validated ticket generates a “cash/pay” receipt which you give, along with the prize amount won, to the customer. Any prize won from $600 to $5,000 can only be paid by taking the ticket, the claim form and pay-to-bearer receipt to one of the Ohio Lottery’s Quick Cash banking location, or mailing the ticket to the Ohio Lottery for payment. Do not cash tickets that generate a pay-to-bearer receipt. For prizes above $5,000 if the validated ticket generates a “file claim form” receipt, give the customer the winning ticket back, along with the file claim form receipt and a claim form. The customer should then contact the Ohio Lottery’s closest regional office to schedule a time to finalize their claim.