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Education Reimbursement Guidelines and Application

The Ohio Grocers Foundation’s (OGF) Continuing Education Reimbursement Program (CERP) was first introduced in 2003. Since that time, OGF has awarded over $70,000 in funding to OGA members employees.

CERP is reimbursement for employers (and employees) who enhance their current position with additional training (for example, certifications and licenses), as well as any continuing education (such as software classes).

The primary goal of the OGF Education and Tuition Reimbursement Program is to provide financial support to individuals who wish to enhance skills, increase job knowledge and further careers in the food industry. Starting in 2018, OGF will also reimburse companies who would like to provide continuing education opportunities and job enhancement for their employees.

The Education and Tuition Guidelines and Application allow for input from the store owner or manager on an employee's potential career path and/or possible opportunities for growth.  Reimbursement is available for individuals as well as companies, and minimum eligibility requirements include:

  • Individuals must be employed by an Ohio Grocers Association member business in good standing;
  • Work a minimum of 20 hours per week;
  • Worked with an OGA member employer for at least one year;
  • Companies must be members in good standing of the Ohio Grocers Association;
  • Submit application within 60 days of course completion (for reimbursement).

CERP Application Deadlines:
1st Quarter     April 15
2nd Quarter    July 15
3rd Quarter     October 15
4th Quarter     January 15

Contact Molly Talley at molly@ohiogrocers.org for Guidelines and applications.