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TAP® Series Food Safety Online Training

TAP Series - Online Course

The Ohio Grocers Association has partnered with TAP Series to provide members with an online Level Two Certification Course for $55 per student (this cost does not include the exam fee).  ThTAP Seriesis course has been approved by the Ohio Department of Health.  The exam must be proctored and will cost approximately $55.  There are over 62 exam sites at OSU Extension Offices across the state.

**Training providers do not automatically send training information to ODH. It is the persons responsibility to report to ODH. If a person uses an approved online training provider and a test center to take the accredited examination the person will have to send it the form and certificates to ODH. TAP offers the form and instructions at the time of purchase of the training and also in our find a Test Center section of the TAP site. **

An additional Testing Center is available other than OSU Extension Offices that are available to take the test at after the completion of the online course with the price being $48. If you use one of these testing centers, instead of OSUEO, you must send in a copy of the TAP Certificate and exam certificate with a form they will need to fill out for ODH to get their Level 2 Certificate.

OGA members can sign up employee(s) through the TAP Series website (http://www.tapseries.com/4u/oga/) and they can take the course online as their schedule allows.  The Level Two Certification course requires a proctored exam, so once the course is complete, the employee will be directed to a list of Ohio State University Extension offices that will provide and proctor the examination (there is an additional fee for the exam).

The online course costs less than a classroom course and requires less time away from work. Once the course is purchased, the employee has up to 6 months to complete the coursework. The usual time to complete the online Level Two Certification Course is 2-4 weeks.

After the completion of the online course, please visit here for a list of places to take the exam. 

Savour Food Safety International - Level 2/ServSafe Manager Certification - Onsite CourseSavourFoodSafety

Savour Food Safety International is offering the Level 2 Certification Course onsite in Worthington (Columbus, OH) beginning in December.  The course is a two-day class (8 hours each day, with 1 hour lunch), with the exam at the conclusion of the 2nd day.

Course Information and Schedule

Questions?  Contact Kristin at 614-448-1622 or call TAP Series at 1-888-826-5222 or Savour Food Safety International at 614-325-9593.

Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code