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THANK YOU for Helping Us Celebrate - See More at Our Celebration Site!!

After more than two years, our industry family was finally able to gather IN PERSON and enjoy the 2022 Brown Bag Celebration! We finally got to showcase all those amazing things we initially planned back in 2020, and the reviews have been great -- THANK YOU!

We're providing more information and a photo re-cap at our Celebration website: www.BrownBagCelebration.com.



Our Bottle Pull may have been the most sucessful part of the night! Featuring a combination of Bourbon, Tequila and Wine, with more than 60 selections and a slightly different format, the Pull sold out within the first two hours of the Celebration!
The 2022 Brown Bag Celebration brought back the traditional style Silent Auction with pen-and-paper bid sheets and outbidding the guy above you...and guests certainly did! We appreciate everyone who took part on the bidding wars, and especially the winners who took home some pretty amazing prizes.

New Format Included Food Sampling!

The new action-station format for the Celebration allowed guests to sample fare from several vendors. Special thanks to Gia Russa for providing our Networking hors d'oeuvres, and to Steven's Catering, Buehler's Fresh Foods, Bob Evans Farms and Sunrise Foods for their fabulous offerings!

And there Were TREATS!

Did we mention the Ice Cream (and Treats) Social!? Besides the great food offerings, there was also an amzing array of ice cream and cookie treats from some of our fabulous members! Thanks to Lipari Foods, Cookie Cupboard, Velvet Ice Cream and Perry's for the desserts-to-die-for, cookie cravings, fantastic floats, and frozen flavors offered!


Betting was Fast and Furious During Our Inaugural OGA DERBY!

Our first-ever foray into Video Horse Racing – The OGA DERBY – was a great time for everyone who participated, and we're sure that we'll be bringing it back! The Derby featured 7 races with 10 horses in each. Guests could sponsor any of the races or any of the horses running in them (even naming their sponsored pony)!

...and of course, there was betting!

Once the wagers were placed, the bell sounded – and they're off! Guests watched the big screen in hopes that their horse would bring home the roses, as our special announcer provided play-by-play. Win, place or show, the Derby was a great time for all.

Thank to All Our SPONSORS!

This year's Brown Bag Celebration included even more opportunity for sponsorship and event participation! We can't thank our generous Sponsors enough and encourage you to visit the Celebration website – www.BrownBagCelebration.com – to learn more about the event and those who helped make it possible.

In the meantime, please click the button to see who sponsored this year's Celebration and their Sponsor Categories.



Expanded Food "Action Stations" allow guests to sample various types of food from our very own members! If you'd like to be one of these Food vendors, contact Molly Talley: molly@ohiogrocers.org


Sponsorship Packages and other opportunities are available! For Sponsorship details and information, contact Kristin Mullins at 614-448-1622 or email kristin@ohiogrocers.org

Tickets & Registration

Tickets are available for individual purchase or for an entire table. Register yourself or your entire team! For more detailed Registration and Ticket information, click here.