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Competing with Meal Delivery Service

Tony Orlando, Golden Dawn Supermarket 

Online and call-in meal delivery service is here to stay as an offering for many grocery stores. As it becomes more popular, strategies to provide customer convenience and unique services are becoming important ways to survive. Discuss current trends and out-of-the box ways to compete with service offerings.

  • Essential tools needed for building a successful gourmet Deli/Prepared Foods business in-store and take home meals
  • Equipment needs: examples Stove, Stack Ovens, Pressure cookers, bowls, packaging, insulated carriers, storage containers, kitchen utensils
  • Procuring of quality foods for scratch prepared salads, and entrées
  • High quality menu items to choose, including must-have foods
  • Cross merchandising with your meat and produce departments
  • Opening up selling opportunities with local business thru sampling
  • Staging one-day or weekend sampling festivals inside stores
  • Knowing the food safety laws, and staying up with sanitation
  • Owner involvement is a must for any growth, and success, and why
  • What is the market I want to pursue, and how to do it
  • Gross profit margins: How do you achieve higher profits?
  • Hiring quality associates, and proper training in the art of selling

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