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COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 10, 2020) – In cooperation with FEMA and Ohio Homeland Security, the Ohio Grocers Association (OGA) has secured protective masks for the frontline workers of its membership. Through the Ohio Department of Public Safety, an estimated 94,000 masks have been delivered to Ohio for distribution to OGA members.
Happy Chicken Farms (an OGA member) has agreed to store the 9 pallets of masks for distribution, with approximately 300 masks reserved for individual members requesting them. Stores that have not already received an allotment from FEMA or the Department of Agriculture are eligible for the masks. OGA is working with several of its wholesaler members to help deliver masks to qualifying stores.
The masks are white cloth, washable and reusable masks made by Hanes (clothing manufacturer), and follow best practices guidelines (for manufacturing and re-use) as indicated by the CDC.
“This is a perfect example of several aspects of the industry coming together to help its employees. When this opportunity presented itself, it became second nature for our members to step up and help our frontline heroes in our fight against the Coronavirus,” says Kristin Mullins, President, and CEO of the Ohio Grocers Association. “We are pleased to have our thumb on the pulse of the latest ways to help our members and be proactive in helping them through these difficult times.”
In addition to securing PPE supplies, the OGA has developed Coronavirus Resources for its members and keeps constant communication and updated information available during the pandemic. Special alerts from state and local government and health agencies are part of their regular communications to members and online materials are constantly updated for the sake of membership and their “Grocery Heroes.” Find out more online at www.ohiogrocers.org.
About the Ohio Grocers Association: The Ohio Grocers Association (OGA) was founded in 1899 in Springfield, Ohio for the purpose of service to Ohio’s Food Industry. OGA is a non-profit trade association representing approximately 400 grocers, wholesalers, brokers, and associate members. The mission of OGA is to be the leading voice and advocate for Ohio’s Food Industry – through legislative and regulatory efforts, resources, education, and dedication to service.