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Enrollment Period May 3 - 31

This month the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is offering an Open Enrollment opportunity for employers to select your managed care organization or MCO.  Sedgwick MCO (formerly CareWorks ) is Ohio Grocers Association’s trusted partner to help our members navigate the workers’ compensation claims process, help employees recover and return to work, and control costs.  This is an essential component of OGA’s workers’ compensation program that substantially reduces member premiums every year. 


Your MCO plays a major role in your ability to control premium costs and qualifies for savings opportunities.  Sedgwick MCO touches every claim for their clients to organize treatment, coordinate return-to-work options, and reduce medical costs.  Sedgwick MCO’s involvement with our members’ workers’ compensation program enhances our ability to provide outstanding savings to our members.  We encourage you to explore the full range of OGA member benefits for workers’ compensation cost containment. 


Enrollment is simple and there is no cost.  Simply CLICK HERE for an enrollment form, complete and return per the instructions listed.  If you are already enrolled with Sedgwick MCO, no action is required as you will automatically renew.  If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Kiesha Martin at Sedgwick MCO at 614-207-0390, or by email at Kiesha.Martin@SedgwickMCO.com.