Workers Compensation Medical Management

CareWorks is an Ohio BWC-certified Managed Care Organization (MCO) for workers’ compensation medical management through Ohio’s Health Partnership Program (HPP).

CareWorks medically manages nearly 30 percent of all new workplace injury claims filed in Ohio, and our more than 93,000 employer customers represent over $600 million in workers’ compensation premiums.

We provide high quality medical management services, helping injured Ohioans recover from workplace injury and restore healthy, productive lifestyles as quickly and safely as possible.

Effective medical management can help employers develop strategic return-to-work programs that can help reduce lost time, promote healthy and timely recoveries for their injured employees and help control workers’ compensation costs.

At CareWorks, we back up everything we do with a commitment to consistently provide customer service that exceeds expectations.

To learn more, visit CareWorks online.


CareWorks Program with OGA Members

We have a few reasons why you should give our program a try:

  • Our workers’ comp partnership with CareWorksComp is one of our premier value-added services that we offer to OGA members to help save costs on our workers’ comp premiums paid to BWC each year. With thin profit margins in our industry, the savings generated through this program can make the difference between a good year and a bad one.
  • More than one-third of our members – including over half of our retailer members – are currently participating in our workers’ comp program and are saving over $1.1 million in premium for just this year alone!
  • About half of members participating in our traditional group rating program are saving the max discount, with savings of $3,500 on average per member. Our group retrospective rating program can be an even better opportunity, with projected rebates exceeding 60% and average savings of $30,000 per member!

Call our Program Manager at CareWorksComp, Cordell Walton. He can be reached by phone at (614) 827-3098 or by email

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