Wire Transfer

moneygramFull service wire service program from Moneygram®. The nation’s second largest retail wire transfer provider.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Builds customer traffic by providing a needed service.
    • It is estimated that 25-33% of the U.S. population is un-banked.
  • Increases profits from the commissions on money order and wire transfer transactions.
    • Each transaction earns a generous commission for your business.
  • Increases profits from the sale of additional merchandise to money order and wire transfer customers.
    • Many money order and wire transfer transactions occur at pay periods. A time when consumers have the most discretionary income.
  • Extensive choice of POP materials free of charge.
    • Your account executive will assist you in developing a marketing program.
  • Quick and easy to handle transactions with customers.
    • Automated equipment available according to your business’ needs.
  • No start up cost. Set up, supplies and training provided free-of-charge.
  • Special Ohio Grocers Association Member Pricing:
    • MoneyGram® Wire Transfer Pricing
      • 0-100 transactions/mo – 18% commission of the applicable Consumer Fee for each Transfer Send and Transfer Receive for OGA Members
      • Over 100 transactions/mo – Negotiable

For more information, call Larry Wessner at 1-800-624-4606 x3621 and identify yourself as an OGA member, send an email to lwessner@moneygram.com


Additional Information is available on line at www.moneygram.com

Ohio Grocer Association
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