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Navigating the Waters of Changing Tax Rates and Rules Can Be Difficult…      We’re Here to Help

From education to solutions, Avalara is a nationally-renowned specialist on sales tax and tax compliance issues for the retail industry. Now, they bring their services and solutions to OGA as a member program and proud partner of the Association.

Avalara MatrixMaster™ – Fully-Managed Sales Tax Service
Avalara’s MatrixMaster­™ provides effective and accurate sales tax management and tracking service at your fingertips. This unique mapping service maintains sales tax data for millions of products in thousands of jurisdictions across the United States, and helps you deal with tax challenges including:

• Flow of products into inventory
• Large volumes of SKUs and tax data
• Error-prome situations such as holidays and exemptions
• Calculation error at the point of sale
• Sales tax audit risk and risk exposure
• Customer service issues
• Class-Action lawsuits

Click here for more information about Avalara’s MatrixMaster.

Ecommerce Sales Tax Compliance

The retail tax landscape has become increasing complex, making compliance more difficult – especially for ecommerce. The ease of ecommerce and mobile commerce create more choices for consumers and an ever-changing landscape for retailers. As grocers continue to expand their markets into these areas, it’s important to get sales tax and compliance issues correct and timely.

Click here for our Competitive Advantages of Sales Tax Automation for Retailers – information on how Avalara can help your company keep up with customers and compliance.

To learn more about the many services and solutions Avalara provides – and the benefits offered to OGA members – contact Tracy Jones at 804-916-9977 or at

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