ProLogic Consumer Marketing Services

Retailers offering customer loyalty programs can improve sales versus those that do not.loyal female shopper As the retailer’s advocate, ProLogic is committed to leveraging industry-leading technology and expert customer support to help retailers optimize these programs for maximum profitability, customer retention, brand loyalty and return on investment.

Our dedicated, responsive team works closely with you to plan, develop and launch customer loyalty, shopper insight and consumer engagement programs that meet your business needs and deployment deadlines.

girlOffering a flexible digital marketing platform that integrates with many leading POS systems, we deliver everything retailers need to enhance communications and build more profitable relationships with their customers:

  • Real time customer data capture
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Real time personalized promotions at the individual, segment or market level
  • Digital coupon validation, management and redemption
  • Fuel reward program promotion and reporting
  • Increased shopper engagement across in-store, online, mobile and social media channels
  • Program benefits in points, item discounts, in-lane print, fuel discounts and more

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Ohio Grocer Association
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