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OGA and Accelerated Benefits(Preferred Vendor for Employee Benefits for 30 years) have developed an AMAZING new program for our members.  We identified some of the key employee benefit and cost control programs that our members were interested in and have developed a way to offer them to our members at little or no charge.  The program works like this;

  • AccBen takes inventory of your non employer paid insurance needs for your employees(Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, Legal, Pet Insurance, etc).  These programs are available to all employees full and part time!   We are taking advantage of a group purchasing program that represents thousands of employees so the pricing and underwriting will bring real value to your employees.
  • AccBen installs a free Benefit Administration system that allows employees to enroll in not only the above products but also your core benefits like medical coverage.  AccBen does not need to be your broker on the medical but will help manage open enrollment every year with their enrollment platform.  No more paper!  A complete on-line system where employees can make their own choices on their own time!!
  • You get to pick from a variety of value added services which come free or at a dramatically reduced rate such as :
  • Full documentation dependent audit
  • Capitated Fee Telemedicine Program(no employee co-pay)
  • College Tuition Benefit Program
  • 24/7/365 advanced enrollment platform
  • Free biometric screening and HRA’s for an accredited wellness program
  • Free Flu Shots!
  • Free identity theft program for your employees
  • And More!

We are very excited about this program and would hope that you give Accelerated Benefit the opportunity to demonstrate the value of this new OGA Endorsed Program!  For immediate Information call Bob Santilli at AccBen 800-600-4910 x 329


Lower Your Employee Benefits Costs

Accelerated Benefits has been servicing our members for over 25 years as the preferred vendor for employee benefits.   Accelerated has identified free health insurance and free RX programs that have been used by many members to reduce and/or eliminate some or all of their costs for employee benefits.  This brief article explains some of the programs and how you can use them to reduce your costs!
OGA has teamed up with Accelerated Financial Planning Services (AFPS) to provide Association members with a comprehensive benefit package for their employees. AFPS is the exclusive broker for the OGA Health Plan with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

The overall purpose of the program is to:

  • Provide employers an opportunity to offer an expanded benefit package at no cost
  • Provide COBRA administration, Section 125 and Flex administration and other professional services at discounted rates
  • Provide a program that reduces the employer’s HR workload
  • Offer a method of communicating the benefit package via computer presentations and employee benefit statements

Program offers the following benefits:

  1. Products and Programs – Package includes short and long term disability, prescription drugs/vision/dental, individual health insurance for part-time employees, and COBRA administration.
  2. Analysis & Evaluation – Program begins with a complete evaluation of your company’s current benefit package.
  3. Communication – In a single, one-on-one meeting with a benefit representative, employees learn about new benefits being offered, see how the package will affect their paychecks, and record their benefit choices.
  4. COBRA and Section 125 – Program offers free installation and set up, dependent care and medical reimbursement, and COBRA administration for a $0.50 per month per employee. For more information, contact Tom Wagoner of AFPS at 800-600-4910 or at


With all the confusion surrounding Healthcare Reform, here’s a tool that can make things easier for you and your employees!  OGA, in partnership with ACCELERATED BENEFITS (OGA’S award winning endorsed Healthcare Provider), is excited to announce a new website. The fully functional website can help with all your insurance needs—including both private and subsidized coverage through the government’s Healthcare Reform program. It’s designed to help our members help employees make the best healthcare decisions.

The best part? You as the employer are completely out of the payroll deduction/insurance billing/reconciliation function business… and all transactions are direct to the employee. We strongly encourage you to check out and use it as a HR resource for your employees.

Questions?  Please contact Tom Wagoner of Accelerated Benefits (1.800.600.4910).

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