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OnDemand is Now Kinect Energy Group!

Contact Ed Bodine at 412.491.9245 or email ebodine@kinectenergy.com to understand how your business can leverage Kinect Energy Group to lower and manage your energy costs. This proven program will help you control your electric bill so you can focus on what matters most—your business.

OGA Electric and Gas Program Benefits

The market for electricity shopping in Ohio continues to grow in both the multitude of options and complexity. Members should take full advantage of OGA’s independent, unbiased objective consultant for help in choosing the right option for your business.

Kinect Energy has been helping consumers with energy savings and risk management strategies in more than 150 countries for over 25 years.

By utilizing Kinect Energy, members will receive the following benefits:

  • Greater leverage in negotiating a solution with a third-party energy supplier as Kinect currently represents more than 5 billion annual kwhs in negotiating with third-party suppliers
  • A broader range of choice as Kinect works with more than 27 third-party suppliers and has been successful in negotiating unique products and solutions for consumers throughout Ohio
  • Knowledge and expertise in understanding and negotiating specific contract language
  • Kinect currently has more than 75,000 commercial meters enrolled into third-party solutions providing individual clients with much needed customer service and assistance in navigating any billing, enrollment, or other downstream issues that can potentially arise

Ohio Grocers Association
Save a Lot

“I had worked with energy ‘brokers’ in the past. The procurement of electricity and gas was not something I wanted to concentrate my efforts on. I have 15 Save-A-Lot locations and would receive calls almost daily from a broker telling me they had the best rate. Kinect brings a personal touch to the process. They are extremely knowledgeable and have designed supply options that have saved us thousands of dollars. I feel confident in their expertise. I can focus more on operating my business.”

Henry P. Nemenz, Jr.
Horizon Management, Inc.

Start your savings today by learning more at www.kinectenergy.com or by calling Ed Bodine at 412.491.9245.

Ohio Grocer Association
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