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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the #1 killer in America, killing over 300,000 people annually. SCA is a silent killer than can affect anyone at any time without preceding symptoms. The way to combat SCA is with an electric shock from an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Whether you already have AEDs, you’re interested in purchasing AEDs or you just need more information, now is the time to evaluate your risks.

One of our newest partners, CardioReady, has provided us with an opportunity we’re excited to offer to our members concerned with workplace health and safety. OGA even recently asked CardioReady to certify our office and staff here in Columbus.

Please take a moment and learn more about how CardioReady can save you money, mitigate risk and help you protect the heart of your company!  Also find out about their certification services.  For more information contact Kristin Mullins.


Riesbeck Food Markets, Inc. Partners with CardioReady (an OGA Program) to Protect their Customers, Employees and Brand

(November 6, 2014)  Riesbeck Food Markets, Inc. recently partnered with CardioReady to take steps in addressing the deadly and devastating effects of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Certified Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) have been installed in each of the six Riesbeck’s stores that include a Riesbeck’s Pharmacy. SCA is America’s leading cause of death killing over 400,000 Americans annually. The only effective means of combating SCA is with the shock of an AED. “It makes sense to make the investment in the AEDs as a safety measure to protect our most valuable asset, our customers and employees,” says Richard Riesbeck, President and CEO of Riesbeck Food Markets, Inc. Riesbeck continued, “They are at the source and heart of everything, and we will now be equipped to respond if an emergency should arise.”

An essential component of CardioReady’s AED program is AED/CPR Certification training. CardioReady now offers their new and revolutionary 100% online AED/CPR Certification training program, BeReady, to their clients on an unlimited basis at no additional expense. Rita Kelley, Riesbeck’s Pharmacy Program Director commented, “The folks at CardioReady did a wonderful job of making the entire process simple and easy. After our associates completed the BeReady AED/CPR Certification Training, they were extremely confident and excited with their newly acquired skills. They were surprised at how the AED is able to walk them step-by-step through an emergency.”

New CPR/AED Certification Designed to Help Grocers from CardioReady

(July 24, 2014)  OGA partner CardioReady has recently released a new and revolutionary 100% online CPR/AED Certification course to help grocers called, BeReadyTM. BeReady CPR/AED Certification was designed with grocers and other retailers with high employee turnover in mind and affords the opportunity to cut CPR/AED training costs, time spent, and administrative effort, while improving overall risk and brand position.

If you are interested in learning more about CardioReady’s BeReady CPR/AED Certification Training and/or would like to demo the course (and become BeReady CPR/AED certified in the process), please contact us.

For more information on the topic of AEDs and CPR in the grocery space, please read The Heart of The Matter, a Progressive Grocer Expert Column piece written by Will.

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