Membership in OGA Pays Huge Dividends!

In 2014, we are pleased to report that the average OGA member saved at least $8,000* as a direct result of our efforts to prevent an increase to Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax (CAT). *Please note this savings figure does not reflect the additional thousands of dollars in savings to your bottom line by participating in one of OGA’s cost-saving programs such as Workers Comp, Coupon Redemption or Energy Choice.

Please review the chart below and help determine your savings. Also, please watch for your 2015 OGA Membership invoice and renew today!

OGA Retailer Members Savings Chart

Annual Ohio Sales
2 – 4 Million – saved a minimum of $8,000
4 – 6 Million – saved a minimum of $16,000
Over 6 Million – saved a minimum of $24,000

OGA Associate Members Savings Chart

Annual Ohio Sales
0 – 10 Million – saved a minimum of $8,000
10 – 20 Million – saved a minimum of $40,000
20 – 30 Million – saved a minimum of $80,000
30 – 40 Million – saved a minimum of $120,000
Each level above 40 million then saves a minimum of $40,000 more

An OGA membership has value!

  • As an OGA member, you benefit from three registered lobbyists dedicated to helping you with unfair laws or proposed laws that affect your business in Ohio
  • Weekly updates (via The Weekly Checkout) on necessary information about the Ohio Food Industry
  • Timely notice about food recalls, scams, fraudulent checks/coupons
  • Up-to-date postings and changes for minimum wage, smoking, etc. – turnkey compliance
  • Required government postings (OSHA minimum fine $1,000!)
  • Notification of WIC and license inspections
  • We “go to bat” for you with lottery, liquor and complaints to the Attorney General
  • Help with understanding and complying with new labeling and food safety regulations
  • Representation for fair treatment on food stamp (EBT) regulations
  • Tuition Reimbursement on any course or seminar related to your food industry job – up to $1,000 per person per year!
  • Scholarship funds available to members’ employees and/or dependents
  • Service discounts over and above what you could get alone on such items as workers compensation, money orders/wire transfers, health insurance, fuel, natural gas, etc.
  • The list could go on, but where else could you get all of the above for such a minimal investment?


Let our members tell YOU why an OGA membership is important! Watch the video here.

To join, download applications here:

Ohio Grocer Association
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