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In an effort to show appreciation to our membership, the Ohio Grocers Association will feature a company every month in our Member Spotlight.

This is an opportunity to tell more about your organization, its services, or any notable happenings within your business and/or your team.

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October 2018 Spotlight: Weiland’s Market  

“Clintonville’s only Independent Grocery.”

Weiland’s Market was started in 1961 by John Williams and George Weiland. John was 23 years old at the time, and his father had a grocery store exactly 3 blocks from where Weiland’s Market currently is. His store was called Williams, which deterred John and George from naming their store after John’s last name.

George had worked for John’s dad at the time and left to open a store with John. The store was a very small store front, offering a small fresh meat selection and just a few freshly made sides. Produce wasn’t even an option to buy at the store.

After the rent was raised, they moved the store to the second location at Indianola and Garden Street. The store from there continued to grow and expand resulting in moving for a third time in 1999 to where it is now. In 2006, Weiland’s took over a laundry mat for the liquor agency and later took over a beauty parlor to make space for offices.

Fun Facts…

  • Jennifer Williams, OGA Board Member, is a fourth generation grocer and the first woman to ever work at Weiland’s Market.
  • Jennifer worked at Weiland’s in high school and college and then left the business. After 23 years, she came back to the store after working in corporate America.
  • Jennifer and her husband, Scott, now run the store as the President and Vice President.

Weiland’s has a passion for lending a helping hand and serving their community so they value who they hire. The culture at Weiland’s is very eclectic. Their employees are very knowledgeable in every department of their store. Whether it be in the liquor store or wine, produce or meat departments, or just around the store, there is always someone willing and ready to help. They have 80 employees with roughly 10 employees having worked at the second location.

In 2017, Weiland’s partnered with Instacart and it has been a successful addition to the evolution of the grocery industry. They have numerous orders a day, however, their neighborhood customers still frequent the store daily for a glass of wine or pint of beer while they shop through the daily offerings.

Weiland’s was awarded The Best Beer Shop in Columbus, Best Wine Shop in Columbus and The Top Liquor Store in Columbus. They have a great selection of the finest cheeses and meat selections. They also have prepared foods for the nights that their customers don’t feel like cooking!

Community involvement is a huge part of Weiland’s. They host Party in the Parking Lot every year donating funds to seven different charities in Clintonville, feed the football team in the community, donate gift cards and specialty foods to charities, and participate in the Taste of Clintonville.

OGA is proud to have Weiland’s Market as a long standing member and thank you for your continual support! If you’re ever in Clintonville, stop by their store – you’ll be welcomed with a friendly smile and helping hand! Check out their Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Website for online shopping, daily specials and company updates!

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