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In an effort to show appreciation to our membership, the Ohio Grocers Association will feature a company every month in our Member Spotlight.

This is an opportunity to tell more about your organization, its services, or any notable happenings within your business and/or your team.

How does the Member Spotlight work?

  • A store visit from OGA staff
    • CEO, COO & Communications Manager
  • Social Media
    • Tagged & featured on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Weekly Checkout Recognition
    • Side bar logo with direct link to your website
  • Keeping Up With Kristin
    • Footage from your store with an exclusive interview with OGA President

If you would like more information about this Program or have any questions, please contact Veronica Mathias, Communications Manager, by email at or call 614-448-1631.

April Spotlight – Hogue’s IGA 

Operating for just over 57 years as of January 12, 2018, Hogue’s IGA has is an independent, family owned grocery store in Bellevue, Ohio.

Dwight Hogue, 2nd generation owner of Hogue’s IGA, has been with the company since the young age of 24. The grocery business is all he’s ever known! The start of the grocery industry started with his grandfather. Per Dwight’s father’s story, he would go down to Cincinnati, buy feeder cattle, bring them back and butcher them to later sell to patrons of his town. When Dwight’s father was old enough to get into the business, following his father, he joined the meat business. Soon after butchering cattle and packaging meat to sell, he realized that butchering cattle was not something he wanted to do and then switches career paths for a few years.

In the 1940’s, Dwight’s family moved to Shelby, Ohio and started their small IGA grocery business in a building that was a garage. The business outgrew that space and the Hogue family bought a convenient store, also in Shelby, in the center of the town.

Dwight and his father were the grocery store dynamic duo in that convenient store space and when they realized they could go bigger, they did. Dwight’s mother and father along with Dwight and his wife, Trudy, sold their homes in Shelby, moved to Bellevue and bought what is now Hogue’s IGA, 855 Killbourne Street, Bellevue, Ohio 44811.

Dwight’s son married a young woman, Tracy, who has the same thriving passion for the grocery business as Dwight and his father. Tracy now runs Hogue’s IGA alongside Dwight. Hogue’s IGA is close knit with their community of Bellevue, knowing customers by name. They even have a few long-term, loyal customers from the community that they will do their shopping for them and deliver their groceries to their homes! Hogue’s has taken their ads digital by using their Facebook page and their website to promote specials.

OGA is proud to have Hogue’s IGA as a long standing member and thank you for your continual support! If you’re ever in Bellevue, stop by Hogue’s IGA – you’ll be welcomed with a friendly smile and helping hand! Check out their Facebook page for more information and specials.

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