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2016 Election Recap

An election that can be classified as one of the wildest our country has ever faced came to a surprising end Tuesday and well into Wednesday morning as Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. Even into Election Day, most pollsters, media, and predictors had Hillary winning most of the battleground states and subsequently the presidency. However Mr. Trump defied the odds and pulled off a stunning victory in picking off several historically “blue” states in capturing the necessary 270 electoral votes for the presidency. As of Wednesday morning, Trump had the necessary 274 electoral votes to Clinton’s 218, with a few states still pending. Clinton holds a narrow lead in the popular vote, with votes still to be tallied into Wednesday.

Down ticket, Republicans will hold on to both chambers of Congress as they retained control of the House and Senate with several races still being calculated. In Ohio, Mr. Trump handily defeated Hillary Clinton with the largest victory in Ohio presidential election since George H. W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis by 10.9 points in 1988. A true battleground state, Senator Rob Portman easily defeated challenger and Former Governor Ted Strickland by over 20 points, setting the stage for Republicans to hold on to control of the US Senate.

In the Ohio Legislature, Republicans padded their super majority control in both chambers as they picked up seats in the Senate and the House. The Ohio House picked up their largest majority in the history of the Ohio House and now stand with 66 seats. On the Senate side, Democratic State Senator Lou Gentile lost his re-election bid as the Republicans now hold a 24-9 advantage heading into next year. Republicans also picked up a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court as Judge Pat Fischer and Judge Pat DeWine won open seats.

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