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State Agency Liquor Store Updates

Delist Product Pick-Up

Agencies are required to package delisted product for return to the Distribution Centers if they have not already done so.

An itemized list has been sent to all Agencies on Jan. 16, which should be used to identify product remaining at your location. All items must be prepared for return no later than your next delivery day. Failure to meet this requirement will result in a compliance violation.

Agencies should follow the following process:

  • Pull identified product from shelves and storage
  • Pack in cases for pick-up by DHL
  • Tape cases shut and set aside for pick-up (if more than 10 cases, place on a pallet in preparation for DHL to load)
  • Make three copies of the final inventory list (one for DHL, one for your Agency, and one for your Auditor)
  • Prepare two copies of the Bill of Lading (BOL) (one for DHL and one for your Agency). Include Agency number, name, address, return information: “High Proof Spirits” and the number of cases, Agency signature, DHL driver signature and date).
  • Once DHL has picked up the product, the Agency should email a copy of the final inventory list to the Liquor Enterprise Service Center.

The LESC can be reached at 877-812-0013 or

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Please Join OGA in Supporting the Redefine Campaign
OGA is excited to partner with the Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Liquor Control’s new social awareness campaign. The Redefine campaign emphasizes the belief that a full and exciting lift does not have to involve drinking. Tacking the issues of underage drinking and over consumption of alcohol takes a community of partnerships like these to keep our neighborhoods safe. Click here for the full press release. Learn more on the Redefine website.

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