Customer Service

Mike Davidson, Buehler’s Food Markets

Online ordering, curbside pickup, grocery concierge services…where does it stop? Exactly how far is too far when considering convenience for your customers? Are gimmicks and offers more important than old-fashioned personal service? What are the best ways to engage customers and keep them coming back to your store?

  • Operational Excellence is key to providing great customer service (understand the complexity of the grocery business)
  • Operational Philosophy:
    • 5 Basics of Driving Sales
    • 3 Basics of Maximizing Profits
  • Characteristics of Quality Personnel
  • Safety Procedures and the Importance of “Safety First”
    • Where are We?
    • What Do We Do?
  • Importance of Service: What Do We Know About Service vs. Exceptional Service?
  • Service Challenges in Retailing
  • Operational Excellence:
    • G.E.T. Friendly
    • Define – Measure – Reward
  • Leadership Tactics and Effective Leadership
  • The Leadership Mindset




Competing with Meal Delivery Service


Dealing with Amazon


 Growing Digital!

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