Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Like many of you, OGA has been learning more about the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and how it is affecting the world in which we live and work. This means understanding how the virus affects our team, our events, and our members, and making necessary adjustments to operations and procedures. See below for all the latest information and resources.

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Ohio Senate and House Both Approved Emergency Legislative Measures

On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, mostly behind closed doors, the Senate and House both approved emergency legislative measures in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Senate met first, followed by concurrence from the House and amended House Bill 197, which deals with various tax corrective changes. Among the highlights were extending absentee voting by mail for March 17 primary to April 28, 2020; codifying various executive orders from Governor DeWine; transferring, appropriating or freezing numerous funds or provisions over the following months including aligning Ohio due to the Feds moving the tax filing deadline from April 15th to July 15Th;  waiving various school requirements; and granting certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) limited authority to perform additional duties. A full summary of changes and the amendment language is attached. For additional questions please contact Kristin Mullins.

The Ohio Grocers Association Supports Passage of Ohio Coronavirus Economic Relief Package

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4/1/2020 – Special Alert – Governor DeWine Press Conference & Ohio Liquor Update!

3/31/2020 – EMAIL Sent to Governor DeWine

3/31/2020 – Special Alert – Ohio Liquor ~ Milk ~ Resources Update!

3/30/2020 – Special Alert – Liquor Update – Response to Manufacturer Request

3/30/2020 – Special Alert – SNAP & Ohio Liquor UPDATE!

3/30/2020 – Special Alert – CARES Act Provides Small Business Relief

3/29/2020 – Special Alert – Ohio Liquor UPDATE!

3/28/2020 – Special Alert – ODJFS – Childcare for Grocery Workers & FMI Update

3/28/2020 – Special Alert – Food Industry Protocols and SNAP Update

3/27/2020 – Special Alert – SNAP Emergency Allotments in Ohio

3/27/2020 – Special Alert – DOL Issues Guidance on Paid Leave Mandate

3/26/2020 – Special Alert – A reminder from ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks

3/25/2020 – Special Alert – WIC UPDATE!

3/24/2020 – Special Alert – Labeling of Bulk Eggs at Retail ~ Liquor Update ~ Survey!

3/24/2020 – Special Alert – Minor Work Permits

3/24/2020 – Special Alert – Families First Coronavirus Response Act & CDL Waiver

3/23/2020 – Special Alert – Employee Resources (Car Decal & Social Distancing)

3/23/2020 – Special Alert – Governor’s Businesses Website Information Page

3/22/2020 – Special Alert – Ohio Liquor UPDATE!

3/22/2020 – Governor’s Order – Director’s Stay at Home Order

3/22/2020 – Special Alert – Governor & Gongwer UPDATE! – Governor Issues Stay at Home Order; Waiver of School Testing Mandate

3/21/2020 – Special Alert – BWC & Homeland Security UPDATE!

3/20/2020 – Special Alert – ODOT & FMI Update!

3/20/2020 – Special Alert – Governor’s Update & Employee Temperature Taking

3/20/2020 – Special Alert – COVID-19 OGA Store Response Kits

3/20/2020 – Special Alert – ODOT & Homeland Security UPDATE!

3/19/2020 – Special Alert – FDA Stakeholder Call – Read here for notes!

3/19/2020 – Special Alert – ATTN: WIC Retailers and Dairy Processors

3/18/2020 – UPDATE Governor DeWine — Additional Business Closures; Updates on COVID-19 Cases

3/18/2020 – Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted Submit Formal Request for Federal Assistance for Small Businesses

3/18/2020 – Special Alert_Coronavirus_NGA_Update– Paid Leave Requirements

3/18/2020 – Special Alert_Outbreak Best Practices and Planning for the Immediate Situation – From FMI: Best Practices During the Pandemic

3/17/2020 – Special Alert_Coronavirus_Ohio Job and Family Services – Coronavirus and Unemployment Insurance Benefits

3/16/2020 – Special Alert_Coronavirus_Governor_Update – Additional Closures

3/16/2020 – Special Alert_Department of Alcohol Update – Wholesale Agencies and Returned Product

3/15/2020 – Special Alert_Coronavirus_Governor_Update 2 – Update on Bars and Restaurants

3/15/2020 – Special Alert_Coronavirus_Governor_Update – Bars and Restaurants

3/15/2020 – Special Alert_Coronavirus_NGA_Update – Coronavirus Emergency Legislation

3/15/2020 – Special Alert_Department of Alcohol Update – Wholesale Return Requests

3/13/2020 – ODH Update/Recommendations for Salad Bars & Buffets during – Food Service Operations –Salad Bars and Buffets

3/12/2020 – The Executive Order from the Ohio Department of Health – Limitations on Mass Gatherings

For more information on Ohio’s response to COVID-19, visit or call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Independent Grocery

 Courtesy of NGA

NGA is actively monitoring the growing spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) both internationally and domestically, and the impacts it will have on our industry. Supermarkets are on the front lines of emergency response both in preparation for an impending disaster and as one of the primary operations that must be up and running for a community to recover after a disaster strikes.The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided information to help with preparedness planning, and we want to ensure that our members are taking the necessary precautions to protect their employees, customers and communities. As additional information becomes available, NGA will keep our members updated on best practices and other precautionary actions that you can take to prepare for the Coronavirus. For more information, please  click here or contact NGA at

Ohio Department of Health Business Update on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

With Ohio reporting its first positive cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), it is important that we take steps to prevent its spread, and you can help support these efforts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that for most people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low, and the virus is not currently widespread in the United States.

CDC has developed “Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)” which is available on CDC’s website.

This guidance may help prevent workplace exposures to acute respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19. The guidance also provides planning considerations if there are more widespread, community outbreaks of COVID-19.

Click here and here for flyers that you can share with your employees and/or post in your workplace consisting of a COVID-19 key FAQ and tips for preventing the spread of germs that can cause infectious diseases. Click here for the checklist of the top 10 things business owners can do to prepare for COVID-19. For up to date COVID-19 information and other resources, go to, which is maintained by the Ohio Department of Health. For information and updates related to COVID-19, visit the Ohio Department of Health website at or Courtesy of Deputy Director/Director of External Affairs Ohio Department of Health


Tips for Keeping Your Event Hygenic

Setting Up Remote Teams During Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Store Response Kit – Link will immediately download

Car Decal (Essential Employee)

Social Distancing Sign

ODJFS Employee Rights Sign/Posting

ODH Checklist – COVID-19 Information and Checklist for Businesses/Employer

Ohio Voter Information – Absentee Voting – Ohio Secretary of State

Floor Decal – Maintaining Social Distancing

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